Best exercises are usually classified into two types :

1) Aerobic – where oxygen involvement is higher because of increased cardiac activity. It includes high activity exercises such as Swimming, Tennis, Running, Jogging, brisk walking etc.

2) Anaerobic- where oxygen involvement is comparatively lower due to ‘slow and steady’ nature of these exercises. Examples include weight lifting, pushups, pull ups and yoga.

A combination of both the types recommended for good health.

Before Exercising:-

•Make sure you have consumed adequate amount of food at least 2 hours before starting physical activity, However, don’t underfeed or overfeed yourself
•Make sure you are well hydrated
•Wear comfortable clothes
•If you are using any equipments, make sure they are in good condition
•Ensure adequate space, comfort and safety
•Carry out stretching and warm-up exercises to prepare the body for exercising.


1. Increased Oxygen and blood supply to vital organs:-

Physical activity increases oxygen supply to following vital organs:-

•Brain: – Cognitive functions improvisation, reduced risk of stroke, reduced rate of degeneration of brain tissues and neurons-anti aging.
•Heart:- reduction in LDL cholesterol which clogs arteries, reduction in blood pressure, Boosted energy
•Pancreas:-reduction in risk of Diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity
•Genitals: – Improved libido, Enhanced self esteem on account of good body shape, Ails erectile dysfunction, Overall greater sexual satisfaction

2. Weight Gain or Loss:-

People turn to exercising as the last resort when other methods fail. By burning calories and improving body metabolism, it helps the body to remain in ‘shape’. When combined with good diet, it produces effective results.

3. Mood elevation and stress reduction:-

Exercising stimulates secretion of endorphins which are body’s natural painkillers. It causes better management of emotions influencing neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

4. Toning, Muscle health and reduced risk of Osteoporosis:-

These benefits are usually evident with weight training.

Other benefits: – Improved sleep, healthy pregnancy, reduced severity of asthma.

Don’t forget to have protein –rich nutritious food within 30 minutes of heavy exercising especially weight training.

It might not be as difficult or time consuming as you feel. Even if you allocate 30 minutes per day, it would be sufficient. Have you considered taking steps instead of elevator? Walking to a nearby food joint rather than riding car may actually help. If you get bored, try to add variations in workout, let your muscles learn something new every day. Don’t do it to the extent your body is exhausted. Perceive exercising as an enjoyment, rather than a constraint and it will surely take care of you.

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